For Writers

Writing can be a lonely business, but writers are also a wonderful community of people who sincerely reach out to help each other. Over the years, countless authors have assisted me with their humor and their wisdom. Teaching me writing skills and coping skills for this crazy thing that we do.

It’s in this spirit that I create this page, making it simpler for you scribes to find my writing-related posts.  I hope this can help someone in some small way.

Here are links to my writing-related posts:

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12 thoughts on “For Writers

  1. I found your blog to be very interesting. As a ‘new’ writer awaiting publication it was heartening to read the trials and tribulations that are common to all writers. Thank you

    • Hi Mandy,

      Whether you are a new writer or one who has been at it for decades, we all share many of the same goals and deal with similar issues. We truly are all in this together.

      Stop by often!

      • Hi Marie My name is Estell Brewster, you truly inspire me. I am a first time writer of a very interesting memoir. I have yet to be published but I’ve had one offer to publish my book. I’m still writing and will be signing a contract to publish soon. I would love for you to be my friend on facebook. You are truly an inspiration to first time writers such as myself.

      • Hi Estell,

        Thanks for checking in and your kind words 🙂 If you look at the left column of my blog (scroll down a bit) and click on the Facebook icon, you’ll can sign onto my Marie Lamba, author site on Facebook. I’ll see you over there!

        Best of luck with everything,

      • Hello, I am a writer who doesn’t put it on paper…Eeks how do I get it on the page. I love your write up, and still seem to be stuck… I can tell it verbally, but for some apparent reason sticking it out to the writing process doesn’t work. Any suggestions.

      • Hi!

        Sounds like you need to grab yourself a mini recorder and tell your story into it. Then you could transcribe it onto paper and see what you get, editing it and adding to it from there. Lots of people get very uptight when putting words onto paper, and lose the flow of their language. I tell them to write as if they were telling someone the story. And once words are on paper, I always recommend that folks read their draft aloud to hear how the language really sounds. Maybe one, or a combo of these things might work for you.

        Thanks for checking in!

    • Hi Gypsy!

      I agree. Writers make a wonderful community, and most are wonderful supporters of each other. Thanks for your kind words and support! I can use all the cheerleading I can get.

      And thanks for checking in here. Welcome 🙂


  2. Hi Marie m not yet a writer bt i have finished writing my novel so i am kind of struggling to find a publisher. Can you please help you are the best write n you have inspired me in many way. Greetings Gloria

    • If you are writing, then you can call yourself a writer. I suggest you spend time perfecting your writing before you start to approach publishers or agents. That is step one – and it is a huge step that can take years, which is perfectly normal.

      Best of luck!

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