About Marie the Agent

In addition to being an author, I am also an acquiring Literary Agent at The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency.

If you would like info about how to submit manuscripts to me (along with some things I do and do not want to see), please click here for my submission guidelines.  (Please follow these guidelines closely, since NOT following them is one of the top ways to get a rejection.) I represent middle grade, YA and adult novels and memoir. Plus I’m now open to representing non-fiction for children and for adults. I also represent illustrators and picture book authors, but only accept queries from folks with a track record in these areas (traditionally published), or who I’ve met and requested a submission from at a conference, or who are referred to me by a client or publisher.

(Almost) every Monday on my blog, I write an Agent Monday post which gives out tips, thoughts and insights that may be helpful to writers who are trying to seek an agent for their manuscripts. So if you scroll through my posts on my home page, you’ll hopefully find some info you can use. Catch all of my Agent Monday posts as they pop up by subscribing to my site (click on the subscribe link in the upper left margin of my website).

For more info, please visit The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency website.


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