School Visits

Author Marie Lamba would love to visit your school!Marie Lamba - author of GREEN GREEN

Marie is the author of books for children and young adults. Her newest title is the picture book GREEN GREEN: A COMMUNITY GARDENING STORY (FSG/Macmillan).

The Jean Little Library dubs it a “great storytime choice, or a perfect pick for a garden program” and Shelf Awareness says GREEN GREEN “serves as pure inspiration. Readers of all ages will want to run for their spades and seed packets as soon as the last page is read.”

For more about GREEN GREEN, click here.

More info about Marie? Click here.

Let Marie inspire your students with a tailor-made program or story time, or choose from the following programs:

BE GREEN GREEN! (for K-2nd grade)

Marie will read her book, talk about where ideas come from, and share how a book goes from idea into actual printed form. She’ll demonstrate how a community garden transforms a neighborhood, and offer up facts about bees and butterflies, how they are in danger, and why that matters to us all. Students will brainstorm how they can be more GREEN GREEN and how they can help bees and butterflies too! Then Marie will inspire them to think of GREEN careers,  and share other ways they can transform the landscape and the world — perhaps even by creating a community garden. Kids will come away knowing they can each make a huge difference in our planet’s future.

Lets Play Books writing workshopOUR OWN STORY! (for 1st-3rd grade)

Anyone can tell a great story — and that’s what writing a book is all about! In this workshop, kids become the authors. They’ll see what goes into making a book, how to get inspired, and how to take an idea, express it in words, add pictures, and then get it published. Then, with the author, they’ll build their very own picture book story.  Marie will guide the class, helping them invent story elements together, and then have them shape those elements into their very own class book!


YOUNG WRITER’S WORKSHOP (for 3rd-6th grades)

Lets Play Books eventEveryone is a writer! Marie will share her path to becoming a published author. She’ll talk about how she decided she wanted to be one when she was in 3rd grade…plus how she stuck to it despite writing some not so great stuff and getting years of rejections (she’ll show her stacks of rejections with students!). Students will see the joy is in the writing, and in always learning and improving along the way. For any big goal, whatever it is, the trick is to NEVER give up! Marie will then touch on the many types of careers open to budding writers and illustrators. Then she’ll show them what a book manuscript actually looks like. Next she’ll teach the class tricks for making a good story,  and she’ll guide them as they come up with their own ideas, story conflicts and fun conclusions. Then they’ll each make their own story! (students will need…pencils, markers, paper, card stock for a cover, hole punch and fasteners)

Interested in scheduling Marie for a visit? Contact her directly at (please put School Visit in the message line).  She’ll be happy to talk about programming and related costs to help you tailor an experience that is just right for your students.

Storytime at Lets Play Books Emmaus PA“Marie Lamba was one of the best young adult authors we have ever hosted at our library…I would highly recommend inviting Marie to your school, library or bookstore!” – Gretchen Ipock, YA Librarian, Sellers Library, Upper Darby, PA

“The best part of the day was Marie discussing the writing process and showing her drafts to them, illustrating that writing is an arduous task, a labor of love, and an expression of self.  She offered encouragement to all the participants to pursue their dreams, whatever they may be.  Fantastic day!” – Mary Beth Cusack,  English Teacher, Lenape Middle School, Doylestown, PA



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