Make a Butterfly Finger Puppet!

Butterfly craft making!IT’S GREEN GREEN CRAFT TIME!

This fun craft is a perfect activity for you to do on a rainy day, for a school or scout craft, or for a storytime activity. Make just one, or pre-cut a bunch ahead of time for a group or party!

Colorful card stock
Things to decorate it with like crayons, markers, stickers
Pipe cleaners
Template to trace (provided below)

– First print out the template by clicking here, copy or save the image, then print it out and cut it out
– Next, fold a piece of colorful card stock longways

Butterfly craft step one
– Using the cut-out template, trace the template onto the card stock (make sure the narrow part is against the fold)

butterfly craft step two
– Cut the butterfly out, including the two cuts along the fold (for your finger)



– Decorate with colors and stickers

Butterfly craft making!
– Twist on a pipe cleaner antennae

Butterfly craft step seven
– Bend out the cut flap and put your finger through it

Craft idea - other view - Green Green event
– Now fly!

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Butterfly craft fun!