Slice of Life Friday: Oh Summer, How Do I Love Thee?

Oh Summer, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…in no particular order:

1. Long days, which allow for evening walks.
2. Birds singing in the early morning.
3. Morning coffee out in the yard…with the birds singing.
4. Iced tea with fresh mint sprigs.
5. At least one decent blockbuster movie.
6. Squidging (yes, spell check, that is a word) my toes in the sand at the beach.
7. Strolls into town, and hanging out on the Starbucks patio people watching.
8. Sundresses and sunglasses.
9. Slower pace.
10. Barbecues.
11. Smell of cut grass.
12. Doing puzzles at night in the screened porch.
13. Fresh pesto, summer fruit and garden tomatoes.
14. Staying up extra late reading novels.
15. Soft shell crabs.
16. Spending time with my family without the pressures of school.
17. Daydreaming…

So what made your list this summer?