Slice of Life Friday: We Made it to March!

Girl Sitting in ChairAm I the ONLY one in the world giddy to flip that calendar and see February is over?  I think not. I bow to the wise one who made February the shortest month of the year. Dark, cold, and what does it have? Valentine’s Day? Psh. Not a happy day for those lonely hearts in the world (though the chocolate’s not bad). President’s Day? Blah. Just an excuse for ad execs to put Lincoln and Washington costumes on actors and make them hawk car sales and furniture deals.

NO! Go the F away February!

It’s March!!!  And, yeah, I know it can snow in March, bladdy bladdy blah. But when I woke up this morning, it was lighter out and I could hear birdies tweeting. It won’t be long before I can shed that dreaded winter coat like a snake skin and ditch the boots for my black and white checkered sneakers (not kidding).

So here is Marie’s list of what is FAB about the up-coming spring:

1. Birdies tweeting in the morning
2. Longer, sunnier, WARMER days
3. Being able to take my coffee outside in the morning onto my patio
4. Working outside on my laptop
5. Taking walks with my pooch in the evening
6. Shedding the heavy winter clothes I’m really sick of
7. Wearing light cheerful stuff instead!!! (And those checkered sneaks)
8. Working in the yard…
9. Seeing those flowers pop up from the ground and the buds on the trees, and, sigh…

So what’s on your list?  Please share what you are looking forward to by leaving me a comment…and join in the springy celebration! 🙂

Happy WARM March wishes to you all,


Slice of Life Friday: Let there be Light!

Glowing Christmas Tree in SnowDuring Hurricane Sandy, we lost power for 5 days.  Really can’t complain. It was awful not having heat, not being able to cook and of course living in darkness daily from around 4 p.m. on, but that’s nothing compared to what people on the coast went through. What many of them are still going through. It tears at the heart to think of the loss and the helplessness. And the darkness.

Light is such a powerful force. Of hope and optimism and possibility. Sitting huddled around the fireplace at night, trying to get some warmth, it really got me thinking about just how very revolutionary electricity must have been. Without light in the house, why stay up late into the evening? Reading by fire or candlelight is difficult, and it’s damned spooky beyond that glow.

What it must have been like for man centuries ago, as the days grew shorter and shorter when winter approached… And how clever it was to have a celebration around the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice.

It’s still clever.

You know, normally I kinda roll my eyes when people put up all that holiday stuff in their yards too early, and plug in those lights. But this year feels different. This year I’m thinking bring on the light and the color and the flashing brilliance. Even bring on that tacky glowing plastic snowman (but maybe put a hold on those giant blowup ornaments…shiver).  We even strung up our looping white lights along the property fence and a line of electric icicles across the porch the day after Thanksgiving.

This year it feels like: hi yah! Take that darkness and cold!  It’s extra cheerful when at 4:30 darkness tries to descend, sending along with it a depressing chill to my very bones. But then wink, zap, pow! House after house flares with glowing bushes, sparkling eaves, multicolored conifers. And I can’t help but feel like I’m walking in daylight.

In whimsy.

In hope.

So bring on the holidays! Make em tacky and bright, garish and brash. We laugh at the darkness. We feel like going out instead of huddling alone inside wrapped in a blanket.

This holiday season, step out, catch the sparkle and whimsy. Clasp hands with each other and laugh often. The longer days will come again, but in the meantime, let there be light in your life.

Happy almost December to all.


Slice of Life Friday: Creating Selfish Time

Growing up, my mom was the quintessential housewife.  Married to the house more than my father, it seemed, Weezy, as we lovingly call her, spent the week cooking, cleaning, food shopping, doing laundry, etc. etc. etc. But on Friday?  Oh, on Friday Weezy made it her special day.  The kids were in school. Her hubbie at work. And the cleaning would have to pile up for a moment (actually, she cleaned the clean spots, so really, no such thing as stuff piling up anyway, but I digress…). On Friday she made it her day. A luxurious bubble bath, a facial complete with cucumber slices on the eyes.  A lovely lunch (I imagine Bloody Marys were involved). Stuff like that. Fridays were the only time things were about her.

My mom sure does know her cleaning, and it turns out she also does know a thing or two about the importance of selfish rituals. Not that I’m this selfless Mother Theresa figure, but I’m definitely guilty of getting wrapped up in life’s responsibilities and work and taking care of my fam to the point that I almost never stop and say, “Whoa, time for me, dude.”

Not on a regular basis. So I’m starting now to give this some serious thought.  What are some great things to do for just me? I don’t go in for pedis and manis (they creep me out…don’t ask). I’m not the hair salon type, more the put your hair in a ponytail and nevermind sort. A half a glass of wine gets me plowed, so Happy Hour is unwise for all involved.

So what’s left?

Okay, if I were loaded, I would totally pull out my passport and weekend in Sienna, Italy. (Cue the opera record.) Bring my sketchbook. Hang out and eat great food all weekend long, strolling through the ancient streets and soaking everything in.

(Insert sound of record needle scratching…music stops.)

Not loaded. Nope. So this past Friday, I took my dog, a feisty apricot poodle named Ella, for a long long walk…in the middle of the day.  I know, right?  Completely off the hook.

It was selfish (well, the dog liked it too), and relaxing, and whatever. Not a revolution, certainly. But I’m hoping that by the time this post pops up today, I think of another selfish Friday thing to do.

Selfish Friday. Nice ring to it.

The key is to make it a ritual. To set aside a time when I put everything else aside and just do something for fun. Maybe I’ll catch a mid-day movie (is this a sad thing to do?). Or, or… Maybe more ideas will crop up. Maybe I just need some practice at this. Ideas, anyone?

Maybe some cucumber slices would help…

Slice of Life Friday: Fall Loves

So, since last week’s Slice of Life Friday covered my top summertime loves, it’s only fitting that this one cover my favorite things about the fall, which, I must admit, is my very favorite season.  So here goes:

1. The leaves changing.
2. Scuffing through said leaves…always adored doing this as a little kid.
3. Seeing the sunlight glint through said leaves (okay, enough with the leaves already).
4. Cooler air, which always makes me feel more energetic for some reason.
5. Wearing fall clothing cuz, let’s face it, I’m sick of the summer stuff by now.
6. Baking! Bread. Banana bread. Pumpkin pie. Apple pie.
7. Snuggling under blankets sipping hot cider… Or strong coffee.
8. Cooking up savory soups and stews.
9. The harvest moon.
10. Halloween.  I’ve always loved loved loved Halloween.  It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.  Pumpkins beside pots of mums by the front door.
11. Ghost stories on a dark night.
12. Sitting by the fireplace reading a novel.
13. Fonthill’s pumpkin carving contest.

Now I know this may not be such an original list, but so what? It’s all true.

One thing I don’t love about fall? This is when, since I’m doing all this great cooking and baking, I start adding on a few pounds.  It’s inevitable.  Sigh.

So whats your fall love list look like?