Some Stories about Me

Hey gang,

Some stories are circulating about me on blogs and in the news, and I thought you should hear it from me first…

Okay, so that’s just my juicy author voice plotting drama for you.  Truth is, there are a few great blog sites that have just featured interviews with me, and an article you can also get to online.  The fun part is, each interviewer has asked me completely different questions.

Things get a bit personal!
Find out some stuff about my home life by clicking on the REM blog. Author Jessica M. Cooper asks me about what it’s like to be a writer and a mom. The guilt, the story-stealing (from their lives), the layers of dust in my house, etc.

Jessica is a writing mom too, and she has recently completed a very cool young adult paranormal novel with the working title: REM.

How I hit rock bottom, revealed!
At author Jennifer Hubbard’s blog, I share the struggle of writing and publishing my second novel, and some seriously messed up things that happened along the way. Check it out here.  In this guest post I talk candidly about my crazy and VERY rocky road toward publishing my newest young adult novel OVER MY HEAD.  You’ll get some serious behind the scenes info.

Jennifer Hubbard is author of the wonderful YA THE SECRET YEAR (Viking), and you can look for her second novel TRY NOT TO BREATHE  in January 2012!

And this One’s a Little too Close to Home!
Why do I write about my hometown? Why do I write for teens? Well? What do I have to say for myself? Over at the Warrington and Doylestown PATCH sites, writer Beverly Black did a great interview where she asked me about why I set my two novels WHAT I MEANT… and OVER MY HEAD in Doylestown, and about advice I have for aspiring authors. Check all that out here.

That’s the news for now. And remember, if you see anything about me in the tabloids, you can’t believe everything you read. It’s FICTION!