Dating Quiz!!!

Okay, I know you’ve been sitting around saying to yourself, self? When it comes to dating, which character in WHAT I MEANT… am I most like? Which guy would I end up with?  And what can I learn from all of this anyway?

Well, wonder no more!  I’ve just created a quiz over at Goodreads made just for you.  So take it and see what you think, and share it with all your friends to see where they fall in the grid.  Will you both be competing for Jason?  Will you give Dalton a chance? Is your dating style like Megan Chung’s? Gulp.

Take the Dating Style Quiz — Which WHAT I MEANT…Character Are You? And all answers shall be revealed. If you believe in this sort of thing.  And, if you have a Magic 8 Ball, I know you DO.

Have fun with this!