DRAWN Blog Ghost Tour!

If you like TWILIGHT and HUSH, HUSH, then you’ll love Drawn, the paranormal novel filled with forbidden love…and rich with believable characters. Follow teen artist Michelle De Freccio as she falls in love with Christopher, the hot medieval ghost with a sketchy past.

Drawn is sizzling with ghosts, mystery and seemingly-doomed romance. And among its smokin’ reviews is this from TwilightMOMS: “Mysterious and enchanting, DRAWN is a breath of fresh air.” (To buy Drawn as a paperback or ebook, click here!)  Join me during stops on the DRAWN Blog Ghost Tour and you’ll discover insider’s secrets about this red-hot novel, plus you’ll have a few chances to win your own copy of Drawn!

Click on any or all of the links listed below during the tour dates. Each stop exposes more about Christopher, the hot medieval ghost with a sketchy past…and about Michelle, the teen artist who draws him, and then is drawn to him. There are interviews, reviews, guest posts and of course Drawn giveaways!  Check things out, leave comments and I’ll be sure to pop by comment back.

***Though this tour has ended, the links live on!  Hope you enjoy browsing through these reviews, interviews, and posts, and learning more about Drawn through every tour stop.  Enjoy!***


January 17th: Kicking off the tour at Jonathan Maberry’s Big Scary Blog, Marie Lamba guest posts about ghosts and ghostly sitings in “Definitely Not Normal.” The post includes a never before seen authentic ghost photo!

January 18th: At the Stories. Read ’em. Write ’em blog, Author Stephanie Theban hosts a probing interview with Marie Lamba, including how she juggles being both a writer and an associate agent.  And her smokin’ review of Drawn can be found here.

January 19th: At The Elliot Review, Marie Lamba guest posts on “Why it’s Positively Medieval.” She’ll discuss knights in shining armor, those great boots, and whether or not chivalry is indeed dead. Plus there’s a Drawn BOOK GIVEAWAY! The giveaway is open till January 30th…just go to The Elliot Review post and enter for your chance to win an autographed copy.

January 20th: At the blog of Author Shana Norris there’s a fun and personal interview with Marie Lamba

January 23rd: On her blog Mirth & Matter, Author Elizabeth Bunce hosts a guest post “Picture This” by Marie Lamba. Discover how Marie’s art background infects her book.

January 24th: Author Jaye Robin Brown hosts an insightful interview with Marie Lamba over at her Hanging on to Wonder blog

January 25th: Twilight Moms posts their review (hint hint: they loved it)! And there’s an interview with Marie about the novel, plus some tips for those who want to submit queries to Marie (she’s also an Associate Literary Agent, FYI). Plus a Drawn BOOK GIVEAWAY! ***This giveaway is open till the end of January, so comment on the blog to enter for a chance to win your own autographed copy of Drawn!

January 26th: All Things Books hosts an all-new interview with Marie Lamba. Find out who she’d cast in the movie, what the movie soundtrack would be, and some of the author’s favorites.  Fun 🙂

January 27th: All-Consuming Books features a guest post “Going Forth with Resolution” about all the resolutions that Marie Lamba absolutely definitely does NOT make.

January 30th: At Word For Teens, Marie’s guest post  “Do Over” talks about how she overcame her own battles with bullies and how this helped shaped the novel…plus there’s a Drawn BOOK GIVEAWAY!

February 1st: Author Chronicles hosts a writerly interview with Marie Lamba. Plus they did an amazing review of Drawn here.

February 3rd: Author Danyelle Leafty posts a truly lovely review of Drawn on her Myth-Takes blog, saying that if there’s a sequel, “I’ll definitely be reading it. :)”

February 6th: Novels on the Run hosts a guest post by Marie Lamba called “Any Time but the Present” where Marie talks about why time travel is so seductive.

February 7th: Agrippina Legit features a really great review of Drawn here and an interview from “The Land Down Under” here.

February 8th: The Cozy Reader posts her glowing review of Drawn (5 STARS!) here, plus a guest blog by Marie Lamba with tips on how to write realistic fantasy scenes here.  Snippets from Drawn are highlighted in the post!

February 9th: Lucas Mangum’s Dark Dimensions posts his review of Drawn plus an interview with Marie Lamba that explores the fascination with darkness and the paranormal.

February 10th: Twimom101 Book Blog features a quirky Top 10 Q&A with Marie Lamba

February 13th: Get in the spirit of Valentine’s Day over at I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read, with a guest post by Marie Lamba on “Caught in a Bad Romance,” plus a Drawn BOOK GIVEAWAY!

February 14th: Author Janice Bashman features a guest post by Marie Lamba on “Just Because You Can…” exploring a bunch of no-no’s for writers.

February 15th: IB Book Blogging features a guest post by Marie Lamba called “Not All Bad” about creating villains you’ll love to hate.

February 16th: Eve’s Fan Garden hosts an interview with Marie Lamba and their review of Drawn, plus an ebook giveaway to one lucky winner.  Act fast! It runs Feb. 16-18th.

February 17th: Author Jo Ramsey hosts an interview with Marie Lamba, plus a red-hot excerpt from Drawn

***Thanks to all the wonderful book bloggers and authors who have provided stops for the DRAWN Ghost Tour!

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