Over My Head: A synopsis of my new YA novel

Just sitting here wondering about my second novel titled Over My Head.  Yeah, the title does come from that great Fray song. In fact, I played a lot of the Fray while I was writing it, and their tone inspired some really important scenes: fights with friends, the anguish of love, the out-of-control drama we all go through.

Right now the Over My Head manuscript is making the rounds at various publishers, trying to find its home. This is the first time I have an agent doing this, and that is a great thing. But being removed from the process doesn’t make a writer any less obsessive about what is going on. Who has it at this moment? Are they feeling connected to the characters? Are they falling in love? 

For the curious, I thought I’d put the synopsis of Over My Head here. I’ve definitely written this book for readers who enjoyed my first novel What I Meant…(Random House 2007). If you like the synopsis, please send out those good mojos into the universe for its success! And I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back from the great world of publishing.

SYNOPSIS FOR Over My Head, a new young adult novel by Marie Lamba:

High school senior Ani Bahadur vows she’ll say ‘I love you’ to the guy of her dreams by the end of the summer. But things quickly get complicated as she discovers her guy is crazy for someone else, and another guy (who is sweet but not her type) suddenly thinks she’s his girl. And things really heat up when Ani falls big-time for 20-year-old lifeguard Cameron Cerulli, the one guy EVERYBODY agrees is completely wrong for her. To further complicate her life, something is going on at home – something huge involving mysterious calls from India, vast sums of money, and the fate of her very favorite uncle. When her Indian cousin Raina suddenly arrives for a stay, the mystery and worries compound. Can Ani survive all the drama? Save her family from destruction? Perhaps even find true love?

Over My Head is a steamy summertime tale filled with sticky situations, hilarious awkward moments, and a twist that will melt your heart.