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Marie has, through her special workshops, visited more than a thousand scouts.

Marie has, through her special workshops, visited more than a thousand scouts.

Now you can hang out with the author, get a signed book, and work toward your Journey Award!

Hey all! Yes, I am author of the teen novels OVER MY HEAD and WHAT I MEANT… But did you know that I’m also a Girl Scout leader?  I’ve led girls from Brownies all the way through to their Gold Award, and now I’m leading an Ambassador Troop.  You can bet I know how hard it can be to earn those Journeys.

That’s why I’ve just developed a brand new workshop that ties in with the It’s Your Story – Tell It!  Journey awards.  The new OVER MY HEAD Workshop will have you ready to tap into your own inner strength and determination…a perfect part of any Journey experience and a serious step toward making your vision and dreams come true. Through this workshop, gain the inspiration you need to make a difference in the world with your Journey project.


So far, I’ve offered workshops to more than a thousand girl scouts throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  With this all-new workshop, scouts age 13 and older can hang out with me, ask questions about writing, get a glimpse into the life of a young adult author, and also get the inside scoop about my current and future books. We’ll also talk careers, creativity, and how each girl can take charge to make things really happen. This interactive in-person workshop includes a signed book per girl.

I’m happy to work with girl scout councils, service units and with troops. If you are part of a very small group or out of the PA/DE/NJ area, we can do a SKYPE author visit instead, and I can arrange to have autographed book plates sent to your group. Just contact me at and put SCOUT WORKSHOP in the message line, and I’ll be happy to work with you on the details.

I started my scout workshops with my first novel WHAT I MEANT…

“I loved it! The passages were funny, and hearing her talk about her own experiences was really engaging. I would totally do it again. Write on, Marie!”

“I thought the book WHAT I MEANT… was really funny and interesting. It showed me that even when I make mistakes, I should just laugh at them. I definitely think you should continue to write and make more WHAT I MEANT… books!”

“I had fun and I learned a lot. I learned that when you are a writer you get A LOT of rejections. It was also really cool to get a book signed by the author!”

“I have met other authors through school, but this was by far the most interesting one I’ve been to. I will ALWAYS follow my dreams.”

“It was an amazing experience. It really gave hope to me, a girl trying to break into writing. I am so inspired.”

photo by Shannon Lafferty

“Having Marie Lamba speak to us was very intriguing. Her experience and how hard she worked to get her book published really moved me. Plus I loved her information on book technology.”

“I thought it was very inspirational. Being a senior girl scout, it opened up so many opportunities in the book field for me. It also taught me that you should never give up even if you think there’s nothing left. There’s always hope at the end of the tunnel.”

“This program was very interesting and fun. I am so happy that I came today. I can’t wait until I start reading the book.”

“It really was an experience that I will never forget. It was great to see what really happened before a book is published.”

“This was a great workshop. Marie Lamba inspired me to never give up in life because one day you will succeed. I would like to say thank you.”

“Wow, the time really flew!  I enjoyed hearing especially the process on how a book goes from the author’s computer to the reader’s hands!  I also really liked hearing short passages from the book to get me excited to read it!  Thank you so much for doing this – it was really cool to actually meet a real author!”

“Easiest, quickest IPA I have ever earned. Very good. Not boring as I thought it would be. Thanks!”

“To tell you the truth, I thought it was going to be one of those boring lecture things where you are so bored out of your mind. Or even worse, one of those teen self-esteem groups where you discuss morals and feelings, and stuff…I found myself interested and listening intently…It was a fun workshop, I highly enjoyed it. Great job, Marie!”

“I thought it was good. I really don’t like to read, but I REALLY want to read this book sooo badly.”


“I sat through the ‘What I Meant…’ workshop as a parent/leader and was blown away! What a motivating, encouraging experience for these girls…I loved it! Can’t wait to read it myself! Thank you!!”

“Marie Lamba is wonderful from the moment you begin working with her. She is flexible and accommodating and responds to all inquiries in a timely fashion. Her program is entertaining and informative and was loved by the older girls of our council. Both girls and leaders commented on her reading and how well it is run. As a staff member of a NJ Girl Scout Council, I highly recommend you bring Marie to your girls and volunteers. No one will be disappointed!” Lauren Shoener-Gaynor, GS of Central & Southern NJ

“You made the whole process so easy for any troop leader or event coordinator to run that I believe you’ll be in hot demand!…I ‘ve had only compliments from other leaders as to how much they enjoyed the workshop and how well-run the event was — thanks to you. It was such a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to reading your book once my daughters finally put it down!”

“Wonderful book.  I can’t wait to read the whole thing. Glad they are getting the message to persevere in the pursuit of their dreams. Thank you!”

“My daughter is in 6th grade and attended with some friends. She couldn’t wait to get home and start your book and didn’t want to turn the lights off to go to sleep last night! She liked making the bookmarks for the service project and thought that was a great idea to go along with the books that were donated. The program was a success from my viewpoint, as a parent and leader.”

“I have only heard positive comments from the parents and girls I have talked to…and I think the girls really appreciated meeting a ‘real’ author!  To complete an IPA in 2 hours is something that is very difficult to do, and I think you managed to do it in both an interesting and informative way!”

“Terrific message of persistence. Adults don’t often communicate the level of difficulty and rejection they must deal with to succeed.”


I just want to add my own thoughts about all the girls and leaders I’ve met through these workshops. You have all been so great to hang out with. And your excitement inspires me to continue to create fiction.  So I thank you for the privilege I’ve had of spending so many afternoons in your company.  You scouts are awesome!

Girl Scouts rule!


12 thoughts on “For Girl Scouts

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  2. I went to a girl scout workshop as a cadet. She is very nice and her book is very entertaining. I really thought the book signing was cool!

  3. I went to one of the workshops for cadettes and just have to say that you were very open and a great speaker. Also, What I Meant is an…..
    AMAZING BOOK!!!!!! I’m normally not a crier, not even when Dumbledor or Sirius died in Harry potter. (Or any of the other things with people kicking the bucket in them I read)
    but i was tearing up when I read your book. I also felt really upset and angry at Chachi, Jason, and even Gina. It was like I was watching everything happen! The book is wonderful and moving and easily relateable. It also has that humouress side to it that I hope to see more of in your future novels. Keep up the awesome work Marie!

  4. It was so cool to meet you and I loved the book! My girl scout troop just did a project on India, so it was fun to read about Sang.

  5. hey i went to the girl scout thing as a junior and loved it! i love to read so young adult books are just right for me. i love the book so far!!! keep writing your next book

  6. I just read this page and learned how involved you are in the Girl Scout program. Running the GS volunteer effort in my community is my nonpaying full-time job. We’re forming 10 new troops this year, so Girl Scouts is on the rebound, here at least (east side of Cleveland in western Lake County, OH). I also run a troop of Senior-level girls that I have worked with since they were first graders. It’s been an amazing privilege watching them grow into young women. Now I’m working with them to earn their Gold Awards!

    What a great idea to combine your book with a GS Journey! Girl Scouts definitely benefits from your creative vision.

    • Thanks! And thanks for what you do for scouting – I know the girls will benefit endlessly. Last year I just wrapped up leading my second senior-scout troop through to their gold awards and through so many great things — including a trip to PAX in London! It was great seeing so many girls grow from Brownies to accomplished young women 🙂 Worth all the hard work for sure.

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