Agent Monday: 50 Shades of Not-for-me

MP900396129Hi all!  Okay, I know it’s Tuesday, but whatev’s.  Truth is, my Agent Monday was swamped with me catching up on other stuff, plus finishing up the edits on a client’s amazing middle grade novel.  Better late than never.  So here goes. 50 Shades of Gray has so many authors a-buzz with the whole “I can do that,” and “I can make a ton of moohlah doing that” energy.  And these submissions are starting to land in my inbox several times a day. So let me just put this into the stratosphere: As far as I’m concerned, it’s 50 Shades of Not-for-me.

Once I get a chance to update my online guidelines at the agency, I’ll definitely add in “no erotica” to that list of what I do and don’t want. Look, it’s nothing personal.  I’m just not into erotica in literature. I’m into character-driven fiction, depth, humor, amazing writing. Honestly, if you have that and then toss in an erotica plot to cash in on the craze, I’m still not on board. An in-depth compelling relationship with an amazing love-making scene, sure. But a naughty bite your lip and play hooker cuz it’s so empowering sort of novel? I’m out.

So save yourself some time and if that is what you are aiming at, simply remove me from your submission list. I’m not the agent for you. Please don’t try to convince me that your novel is not that “sort of book” when it really is. If you sat down and wrote it to tap into the “50 Shades Craze” then please don’t send it to me. If the whole trajectory of the plot is to put your heroine into more and more naughty scenarios, then I’m out.  If there are damp panties mentioned every time she sees a handsome man, THEN I’M OUT.

Just so we’re clear.

I wish erotica authors well, I truly do. And I hope they can find the agent who IS interested in their novels. And I hope they understand that I’m not that agent.

Okay, now that I put this info “out there,” I’m going to spend the next half hour or so rejecting the many erotica submissions sitting in my inbox right now.

No hard feelings, gang. 😉


*Marie is an Associate Agent at the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency in New York City.  To keep up with all her posts, subscribe to her site by clicking on the “Subscribe to Marie’s site here” link located on her page on the upper left margin.

8 thoughts on “Agent Monday: 50 Shades of Not-for-me

  1. This is good to read, because I was starting to wonder (with all the hype) if I was missing the bandwagon (and the point) by not writing erotica. Even if I wanted to, I know I CAN’T, so I’m glad to know there are agents who are also not on the bandwagon.

    • Hi Julia!

      It’s always difficult when writers try to chase a trend, especially when it’s not a good fit for them. There are plenty of writers who were already creating erotica, though, who I’m sure are loving the new attention to their sort of writing. To each their own 🙂

  2. It’s not for me either. And I can only imagine that if I were an agent and had an overflowing inbox of erotica, it would be even less compelling than it already is.

    • Hi!

      Yeah, it’s difficult to get too much of any one thing and still feel excited to read it, I think. I see so much dystopian, so much paranormal, and so many of them repeat the same content, that it definitely is wearying.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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