Slice of Life Friday: If I could…

A few days ago I spent a wonderful day with my even more wonderful mom ambling around Winterthur in Delaware.  It’s a Dupont estate that is now a museum, and the Dupont who last owned it devoted himself to filling the mansion with American furnishings and wall hangings and light fixtures. He even went as  far as transplanting entire rooms from historic structures that were about to be torn down. So you’d have a complete room with moldings and trim and floors and furnishings recreated in his Winterthur home.

Photo Credit: Leeds Castle Foundation

So I’ve decided if I could do such a thing, I’d trash my family room space, including the not at all luxurious old wall to wall and ratty sofas, and I’d transport into the void the complete library room from Leeds Castle in England.

What do you think?  Nice look, right? You got your leather-bound books. You got your cozy fireplace. You got over-stuffed chairs and a window seat where you can sip your tea (I’m thinking Earl Grey) and read a worn copy of Dickens, and gaze out the bay window.

Of course it’s much more inspiring if you gaze out upon a moat instead of upon a blacktop driveway and an old Chevy Prizm missing a hub cap, but hey, you’ve got to be realistic.

Ever wonder what sort of room you would transplant into your own home? When it comes to dreams, money is no object.

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