Slice of Life Friday: Creating Selfish Time

Growing up, my mom was the quintessential housewife.  Married to the house more than my father, it seemed, Weezy, as we lovingly call her, spent the week cooking, cleaning, food shopping, doing laundry, etc. etc. etc. But on Friday?  Oh, on Friday Weezy made it her special day.  The kids were in school. Her hubbie at work. And the cleaning would have to pile up for a moment (actually, she cleaned the clean spots, so really, no such thing as stuff piling up anyway, but I digress…). On Friday she made it her day. A luxurious bubble bath, a facial complete with cucumber slices on the eyes.  A lovely lunch (I imagine Bloody Marys were involved). Stuff like that. Fridays were the only time things were about her.

My mom sure does know her cleaning, and it turns out she also does know a thing or two about the importance of selfish rituals. Not that I’m this selfless Mother Theresa figure, but I’m definitely guilty of getting wrapped up in life’s responsibilities and work and taking care of my fam to the point that I almost never stop and say, “Whoa, time for me, dude.”

Not on a regular basis. So I’m starting now to give this some serious thought.  What are some great things to do for just me? I don’t go in for pedis and manis (they creep me out…don’t ask). I’m not the hair salon type, more the put your hair in a ponytail and nevermind sort. A half a glass of wine gets me plowed, so Happy Hour is unwise for all involved.

So what’s left?

Okay, if I were loaded, I would totally pull out my passport and weekend in Sienna, Italy. (Cue the opera record.) Bring my sketchbook. Hang out and eat great food all weekend long, strolling through the ancient streets and soaking everything in.

(Insert sound of record needle scratching…music stops.)

Not loaded. Nope. So this past Friday, I took my dog, a feisty apricot poodle named Ella, for a long long walk…in the middle of the day.  I know, right?  Completely off the hook.

It was selfish (well, the dog liked it too), and relaxing, and whatever. Not a revolution, certainly. But I’m hoping that by the time this post pops up today, I think of another selfish Friday thing to do.

Selfish Friday. Nice ring to it.

The key is to make it a ritual. To set aside a time when I put everything else aside and just do something for fun. Maybe I’ll catch a mid-day movie (is this a sad thing to do?). Or, or… Maybe more ideas will crop up. Maybe I just need some practice at this. Ideas, anyone?

Maybe some cucumber slices would help…

2 thoughts on “Slice of Life Friday: Creating Selfish Time

  1. Love the idea of selfish Fridays! Things I would do:
    *sit in a coffee house I love, with a dark, frothy coffee in one hand and a great book in the other
    *go for a long run, at a nice pace
    *browse antique shops and/or Anthropologie : )
    *Go see a movie alone (no, this is not sad!)
    *Go to Chapters (Canadian bookstore) and browse for hours
    *book a long lunch with a friend who also believes in selfish Fridays
    *spend the day writing
    Sadly, today will not be a selfish one. But I’m going to work on it. Happy selfish Friday to you!

    • OOO, great list!

      I hope to browse an indie bookstore and buy a book today… And not just the SAT prep book for my daughter, but a book for ME. Oh, I’m getting crazy selfish over here.

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