Marie Lamba, Literary Agent

I know that lots of my posts are tongue in cheek, but this time I’m actually serious. I’m pleased to announce that I am now an associate literary agent for the Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency in New York.

Actually, I’ve been doing this for a few months but as a “secret agent,” reading manuscripts on the sly…maybe wearing black leather boots, dark shades, and slinking about clandestinely, who knows?  But now it’s finally time to fess up.

Yeah, I’m still an author, but being a writer plus an agent feels like the next natural step for me. And I’m hoping to bring my years of experience as an author, an editor and an enthusiastic book promoter to the table in a way that will benefit future clients.

I’m especially thrilled to be a part of Jennifer DeChiara’s firm.  Jennifer has been, and continues to be, my literary agent, and she’s an agent of the best sort.  She doesn’t just represent a book, she represents and supports an author over that person’s entire career, through all the peaks and valleys.  When I take on clients, I plan to do the same, looking beyond just the one title the writer presents to me and onto the entire career of that writer. It’s about making smart moves for that writer, about mentoring, and about building their future successes. It’s exciting stuff!

Here’s my agenting bio:

As an agent, Marie is currently looking for young adult and middle grade fiction, along with general and women’s fiction and some memoir.  Books that are moving and/or hilarious are especially welcome. She is NOT interested in picture books, science fiction or high fantasy (though she is open to paranormal elements), category romance (though romantic elements are welcomed), non-fiction, or in books that feature graphic violence.

Some recently favorite titles on her shelf include Searching for Caleb by Anne Tyler, Just Listen by Sarah Dessen, Paper Towns by John Green, The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffeneger, Twenties Girl by Sophia Kinsella, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, Shug by Jenny Han, and Doing It by Melvin Burgess.  She also admits to watching many many chick flicks.

To contact her, send only a query letter with the first 20 pages of your manuscript pasted into the bottom of your email to

…So, if you have something that you think I’d be interested in, please do send your query letter to the above email.  I ask that you use only this email to contact me in my agent capacity. To keep things sane, I will not respond to unsolicited manuscripts or to queries that come to me via other avenues, including other email addresses, social media venues, etc.


20 thoughts on “Marie Lamba, Literary Agent

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  2. Congratulations on the new venture, Marie. I anticipate great success!

    Wayne A. “Tony” Conaway
    Coauthor of the best-selling KISS, BOW OR SHAKE HANDS? series
    Selected as a “Best Business Book of the Year” by Library Journal

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  4. Very exciting news! Congratulations, Marie! I’m a new client to Jennifer DeChiara. It makes me so happy to see the agency growing. I have a couple of friends querying for their projects; I’ll pass this post to them! All the best, Stephanie

  5. Hi Marie,
    Congratulation, and the best of luck with your new enterprise. I like to be one of the early birds. I have two books ready to go. THEY FOLLOWED THE CALL, a 89000 word mainstream novel about a single mom called up for active duty in Iraq. Experiencing the horrors of war, and the pain of seperation, makes the book a timely read.

    The second one, THE OLD LADY AND THE RIVER, is an 86000 word novel about an old woman returning to her hometown to find closure from persecution by the Nazis during WWII.

    Which one can I send you first?
    Thank you much,
    Best regards,

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  7. Wow, congratulations! I love how passionate you are about your clients. With so many people espousing all the virtues of self-publishing, it’s good to know there are still agents dedicated to their clients and the craft. Looking forward to checking out your work, found you through Chuck Sambuchino’s blog.

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