Snippets, Reviews and News

Hey everyone!

Been a busy week here…Something about September that always whips me into action.  I wanted to share some updates with you…

First of all, my new YA novel Over My Head is featured over at a cool blog called Indie Snippets!  The blog features 200 word max excerpts of indie published books.  It’s a great way to glimpse inside a bunch of cool new reads, and you should definitely check it out.  It’s not easy pulling a mere 200 words from a novel in the hopes that it’ll capture a feel for the story, but I’m hoping this excerpt did the trick. Please pop over by clicking here, give it a read (hey, 200 words won’t take long!) and leave a comment there if you can about what you think.

Also, just a few days ago, the book blogging review site All Consuming Books posted a great review of Over My Head. Yeah!  Here’s a bit of what the reviewer there said:

“There’s a lot to enjoy about Over My Head. I truly appreciate how Sang’s heritage is Indian. Ethnic diversity and multiculturalism in YA is something we can definitely use more of. Also, after reading so many books about beautiful paranormal girls falling in love with even more beautiful paranormal boys, it’s just wonderful to read about a totally normal girl. Because normal, average girls are worth knowing and worth reading about.”

The reviewer also posted this on Amazon, giving Over My Head 5 stars there.  YEAH!!!!  To read the whole in-depth review at All Consuming Books, you can click here.

Great reviews have also been popping up on Amazon, and on Goodreads too! Here’s a glimpse at some Goodreads reviews:

– i thought this book was great. I mean it had some sad parts, but it was also funny. i couldn’t put the book down. You gotta love it.

– this is a good beach read (or poolside read since many scenes take place at a pool!) Enjoy!

– I thought this book was great! The parts that were supposed to be funny were absolutely hilarious!

Phew.  When you write stuff, you hope readers will connect with it, but until you actually get some feedback from people? Well, it’s a whole lotta nailbiting going on.

I’ve got a bunch of appearances and talks coming up in the next 2 months, so, if you live in New Jersey, PA or DE, check out where I’ll be, and come visit!  Info is over on my Appearances page.

And, for info on how to pick up your own copy of Over My Head ($2.99 ebook, $12.99 print), you can click here.

Happy reading!

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