Can you write a book in a week? – Day 4

Frazzled today!  But chugging forward.  Forcing myself at times to chug forward, but doing so nonetheless. Thanks so much to everyone who has been cheering me on.  Much appreciated, and very helpful, too.

People who have been following this may be relieved to know that I did in fact do most of my laundry today.  I should have done it yesterday, which made for an interesting outfit today.  I looked a bit like the village idiot, so I opted not to go and write at a coffee shop or a library today as I’d originally planned.  Maybe tomorrow.  I need to get out!

Today I felt that I hit some more major plot points, but that I was also rambling on, idly going here and there.  I liked the scenes a lot, but where the heck am I going now?  I think tomorrow I’ll have to spend some time with a quick outline of plot so I’m at least back on track.

The problem is that my story is changing as I’m cruising along.  This one guy who was NOT going to be a major part of the story, keeps stealing the scenes.  And that’s pretty confusing structure-wise.  I also started to include a different plot thread that, as I wrote it, seemed to lose power.  Maybe I’m just starting to fade.  Maybe it’s this village idiot outfit affecting my brain.  Maybe it’ll all look better in the morning.  Anyways, I’m not deleting or editing, right folks?

One of my fellow authors, Donna Birdsell, who is also doing this challenge this week, had mentioned using a dry erase board.  So at the outset of this challenge, I swiped ours from my daughter’s room, and I’m hooked.  I use it to list known scene ideas: scenarios I’ve cooked up in my mind that I’m pretty sure I can slap onto paper. And as I complete the scene, I erase it from the board.  I also jot some brainstorm-like thoughts along the margins.

Because it’s easy to read and easy to erase, the board is perfect for this charge-ahead style of writing. Thanks, Donna!

Today I again faced the huge obstacle of outside distractions.  I knew that an important phone call was going to happen at 3 pm, and that a certain agent would be calling me to report the results, and you can bet it made it hard to focus at times. Then, after the phone call, which was the usual mix of good news bad news we writers must endure on a daily basis, I felt completely derailed for a while.

Yes, I hit rock bottom and played a few rounds of spider solitaire and even checked the Internet.  If I were an ex-smoker, well…

Isn’t this the type of stuff life hands us, though?  You get this ‘oh what’s the point?’ feeling, and have to work through it.

But it’s still book in a week, baby!  So I refused to stop at a low point, and wrote a bunch more. It might be crap. Or it might not. I’m still writing. No stopping this train now. Woot!

Today’s word count: 6,009 words
Today’s page count: 26 pages
Total word count so far: 22,870
Total page count so far: 95 pages

P.S.: My carpal tunnel is acting up… Book in a week?  Yes!!!!

6 thoughts on “Can you write a book in a week? – Day 4

  1. 6,000 words! Yay!
    and you did laundry and played solitaire and had life stuff!! ??

    is this MG or a YA novel [ just curious if MG you’re almost there! ]

    That’s great progress!

  2. 6009! That’s brilliant. Well done. About the scene stealing boy…well, maybe he’s special enough he needs to be at the front of the story. It happened on the novel I am editing now. Originally told from the female character’s POV then he appeared and POOF – it turned into HIS novel. You’re doing fantastic.
    P.S The Dry erase boards sounds like a great idea…

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