Can you write a book in a week? – Day 3

Checking in with day 3!  Still standing, or rather, sitting.  Getting a little stiff, though…

It’s interesting how each day in the book in a week challenge seems to offer different, well, challenges.  Today, for instance, I had to do laundry. Yeah. I haven’t yet, so tomorrow will be very interesting.

Also, today I was very distracted.  I got some news, as we writers sometimes do, of something maybe or maybe not happening that may or may not be wonderful, and that was it!  My mind was lost in what if’s — the curse of a fiction writer who can plot out so many crazy scenarios in her mind.

So I went to the gym and worked out hard and tried to refocus on this book.  It actually worked pretty well. Even though I didn’t start actually writing until around 10 a.m. (which started to make me feel rather guilty), I definitely felt more energetic when I did get down to things.  I still do at 6:30 pm, meaning that tonight I should be able to keep working for a few more hours (last night I tried, but zoned out by 8, and even found myself almost zzzing at the computer a few times yesterday afternoon).

I also found that change of scenery seemed to refocus me a bit.  It was a beautiful day, so I brought my laptop outside and worked there for a few hours.  Looking up and seeing blue sky and green leaves offered a nice break.

As I’m working, more and more plot lines are emerging involving minor characters, but instead of going back to string them together, I sort of take note of these ideas, and include them from that point on.  This isn’t time for revision.

Again, I’m trying hard not to be critical about the words I’m typing, and that’s pretty liberating.  All fun, all forward moving.  Right now, if you ask me if I would do this whole zany challenge again, my answer would be yes!  And I’d recommend it to all my writing friends.  Just writing is a joy.

One more interesting thing to note…I’ve already written many of the major central scenes of the book, yet the book isn’t that long yet. Obviously I’ve got some fleshing out to do, but I’m getting worried that I may run out of plot before the week is up.  We’ll see how that shakes down.

Today’s word count: 5,801 words
Today’s page count: 24 pages
Total word count so far: 16,861 words
Total page count so far: 69 pages


11 thoughts on “Can you write a book in a week? – Day 3

  1. Yay! So glad to hear you’re still enjoying this. I’m looking forward to hearing about Day 4. This is really something I want to attempt one day, sounds like a great experience. Here’s wishing you a great Day Number 4.

    • Hi! Thanks for the encouragement again 🙂

      Hoping for a good day today…will probably take my laptop somewhere for the day to work since hubbie is sharing the office with me today at home and will probably want me to edit stuff for him…run away!


  2. Just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoying reading about your book in a week challenge. Reading it makes me feel exhausted! =) But so impressed with you, too. Very eager to hear how it all works out and how you feel about the book at the end. Best wishes!

  3. This is very interesting to read. What genre are you writing…for what age range? I’d be interested to know how you structure a “typical” day…any organizational tips. You are pretty amazing.

    • Aw, thanks!

      The novel I’ve been working on is young adult. I also work in the adult novel category, and do a bunch of non-fiction articles. As for structure, when my daughter is out at school it’s pretty much sacred writing time…but these days that involves a lot of interaction with other authors, booksellers, media, agent, etc. The day gets pretty cluttered sometime.

      Best thing for me is a to-do list with broken down tasks on it. If I can concentrate on one or two of those tasks for the day, and keep everything else at bay, I usually get pretty far.

      Thanks for checking in!

  4. Hi again, lovely words. I wonder how long it took you to find your voice? How much stuff did you actually write (stories, novels, etc) until you knew you had something worth even a go for a publisher? I hear it can be long years and lots and lots of just “practice” before even finding the true voice or having something that is actually of potential vs. practice.

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