Can you write a book in a week? – Day Two

Checking in again, feeling very blurry-eyed today.

I’m here to report that day two is definitely harder than day one.

This is because:

1. The novelty of it all has worn off.  Yes, in a day!  Family members who held day one sacred are thinking, well, get over it already!

2. After the initial rush to start yesterday, I’m now getting into the dicier parts of the book. The “I’m not sure what really happens next” parts, which, you know, is bound to slow things down.

3. I’m getting tired of the goodies I picked out to use as rewards.  Isn’t there anything else?

4. My early morning walk with the dog, which yesterday yielded such wonderful results, today only led my mind in directions that were unbooky. Things like retirement funds, and roof repair, and annoying what ifs that were all too rooted in reality.

In short, by day two life starts to intrude even more.

Nonetheless, forge ahead me hearties, yo ho!  I did all the right things. No to the Internet. No to Spider Solitaire. Yes to staying with the project and just writing ahead, and trying to scheme new angles.

I did come up with more plot twists and turns, and I also wrote scenes that might never appear in the final book. And I’ll probably change the book structure when I edit it all. But really, doesn’t this happen with every book you write?  It does with my books.

Today’s totals: 5,973 words
23  pages
Overall total for book so far: 45 pages,with 11,060 words
So, not such a bad day. It was productive. Definitely.  And I will write more tonight too.  I’m bracing myself for an even tougher day tomorrow. But I refuse to give up.

Book in a week, baby! Woot!!!

10 thoughts on “Can you write a book in a week? – Day Two

  1. Fantastic! Very good, I’m really impressed and rather envious because it’s something I would love to try though I’d probably lose the plot (ha pun intended) and tear my hair out sooner or later. Keep going. You can do it 🙂

    • Thanks so much!

      You should consider trying this (and hang onto your hair). You definitely learn a lot about yourself as a writer and a person with wacky challenges like this.



  2. I’m intrigued! This is a challenge I don’t know if I’d dare tackle. I’ll be following your progress with interest. I’d have to totally disconnect from the internet and erase Spider from my computer.

    • Hey Andrea,

      If I can do it, anyone can. Seriously. And I would be LYING if I said I didn’t play spider solitaire this week (gasp…confession time), but I did so only 3 times total all week as opposed to 40 or so times minimum per day.

      Hey, it’s a process.

      And I’m getting off line now and back to work 😉

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