Can you write a book in a week? – Day One

Captain’s log, day one, book in a week.  (Actually, book in five days, since I have to quit on Saturday.)

Well, many lessons learned today.

Lesson 1: An early morning walk with the dog is a great way to get the creative juices rolling. Came back eager to start with plenty of schemes to put down.

Lesson 2: Shutting off the Internet should be done EVERY DAY.  I’m a chronic online checker.  Having it completely off was a great help.

Lesson 3: Don’t check the Internet at lunch time.  Hey, it was break time, right?  But guess what? A problem surfaced in my emails, and though I didn’t respond, the problem prayed on my mind for the rest of the day.  I do have an away message posted on my account.  Tomorrow, no checking until evening!

Lesson 4: I’m a spider solitaire freak!  I can’t tell you how many times, during a writing lull, I was tempted to play a round. But I didn’t.

Lesson 5: Do not be critical!  I wrote a chapter and thought, wow, that’s schmaltzy.  This idea is schmaltzy. I’m schmaltzy. I don’t deserve to breathe, never mind write.  Yeah, I shut that off, and kept going.  It’s all about putting stuff on the page.

Lesson 6: Getting up for breaks is helpful.  I stretch, refocus my eyes, and feel refreshed.

Lesson 7: Chocolate rewards are great.  Too many chocolate rewards just make me feel disgusting. Cut back on the rewards already.

Biggest Lesson of All: I could do most of these things every writing day. And I bet most high-output writers do just that.  I get side-tracked with all sorts of projects and articles and whatnot, but for novel writing, this is the way to go!

Output today?: 22 manuscript pages, 5,087 words.  I’ll try to do some more after dinner.

Book in a week maniac signing off.

Over and out!

6 thoughts on “Can you write a book in a week? – Day One

  1. Very good! 5087 words is great for one day. I agree about the internet. I shut it off when writing because I too constantly check emails. I also have no discpline and if I tell myself I’ll take 30 minutes to check emails. Next thing I know, I’ve spent 2 hours emailing people! Good luck for tomorrow!

  2. Write a novel in a week? Can’t be done. Impossible for a busy mother. I dare you to try. I triple-dog dare you to try. There’s always something cool going on out there in the ether. Like, well, people writing comments to your posts. Gotta check for them, right? Gotcha!

    If I see a comment to my comment, Marie, I’m going to be disappointed. You go, girl.

    Chris Bauer, secretly fist pumping for his friend

  3. I found you through Catherine Winn’s blog.

    For me it’s shutting off the Internet so I’m not, like you and some others I see above, always checking emails or my blog!

    More power, girl! Keep going. At my age and with my commitments I couldn’t do a full length book in a week, but one week isn’t so long. One week I might give it a try, just to see what I can come up with.

    I’ve bookmarked you so I can check back and see how you’re doing.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Ann,

      And you’re right. One week ain’t so bad. You could do that. You SHOULD do that. I think if I had 2 weeks I probably could fill out about 250 pages, a whole manuscript draft. Think of how many more books we could write in a lifetime if we did this just a few times a year…

      Internet = the devil 🙂 I’m checking it in the early morning, around lunchtime (just because of some business stuff that is pending, otherwise I’d skip that) and in the evening to post my results. Otherwise, it’s OFF.

      Stay tuned,

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