Can you seriously write a book in a week?

It sounds like a crazy challenge: write a book in a week.  Just crazy enough for me to give it a try!

Here’s how it works: you basically write day and night for one week straight, working on a new book idea.  This isn’t the time to revise and edit something you’ve been tinkering with forever.  It’s the chance to just dump words on paper.  And at the end of the week, you’ll at least have the bones of a book, if not a whole manuscript.

The idea was brought up in my Bucks County Romance Writers group, and a bunch of us decided what the heck? We created a Yahoo group for it where we will be checking in every day with our word count and status updates, and we’ll cheer each other on.

To get ready for this challenge, I had to do a bunch of stuff to check out of everyday life.  Moved meetings around. Set up an away message on my email account.  Told people in my life that I WILL NOT be available.  And, since I’m a mom, I planned the whole week’s worth of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some of you may do this on a regular basis, but for me it was way more organization than I’m used to.  And yesterday I cranked the tunes, and cooked. I made lasagna and meatloaf and quiche and muffins, and when I was done my family realized that we’re going to be eating way better than we usually do.

Another thing I did to prepare: I cleaned off my desk.  This took me hours, because I had stacks of papers and notes and business cards all over it that needed to be filed or tossed. Now there is a white expanse with a brand new pad of paper and a pen waiting for me next to my laptop. It’s beautiful. Seriously.

One other thing I did to prepare: I allowed myself time to daydream.  During long morning walks with my little yappy dog, I conjured up scenes and bits of dialogue and quirky characters.  A young adult novel.  A friend betrayal. A wacky telephone surveying summer job. A bunch of nerds. A crappy ex boyfriend… But I haven’t written anything. Yet.

That’s for tomorrow.

So tomorrow it all begins.  I’ll try to check in throughout this week to let you all know how it’s going. Not that I’ll be online. Or checking facebook. Or playing spider solitaire.  No!  I’ll be writing.

Have any of you ever tried this type of challenge?  Do you think this will possibly work?  Bets anyone?

6 thoughts on “Can you seriously write a book in a week?

  1. I’ve only tried NanoWrimo and that was easy compared to only having one week. It sounds really good. Wish I could take part but I’m quite busy right now so it would do me no good but it’s a great idea. Good luck with it!

    • Thanks! It’s really about making it a priority for a brief period of time. I’ve never tried NanoWrimo, but it sounds intense. I wonder if I’d get too distracted to keep on target for a whole month…oh, pretty butterfly!


    • Thanks! It really is a trick to try and “disappear” for a few days. Boy, was I disappointed to find my husband was working from home this morning (we share a studio). Fortunately he didn’t have to make any calls and we didn’t speak a word all morning.

      And wouldn’t a hotel be amazing?

      Thanks for checking in!

  2. I’m (supposed to be) doing this right now, but only have a few thousand words. I know I can do it because I wrote my first (unpublished) book in exactly a week. So, gonna give it another shot. I wish and and me both luck!

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