Book Review: It’s not Summer without You by Jenny Han

***UPDATE: If you like The Summer I Turned Pretty and other titles by Jenny Han, and novels by Sarah Dessen, then you’ll love my new novel Over My Head, with its summertime vibe and realistic, heartfelt conflicts. You can find out more about Over My Head by clicking here!***

REVIEW: First of all, I’m a definite Jenny Han fan.  I adored her novel Shug, and you can read my review of that here. And I also really loved her book The Summer I Turned Pretty, which I highly recommend.  Best of all, Jenny is a nice person.  I got to meet and hang out with her a bit last year when Aaron’s Books in Lititz, PA held its first children’s lit festival and Jenny and I were both featured authors.

It’s not Summer without You (Simon & Schuster, 2010) is the sequel to The Summer I Turned Pretty.  It definitely stands on its own.  Han does a brilliant job of portraying the confusing sorrow of loss and what it does to relationships.  Her clear prose captures the sweetness of childhood gone by and of regrets in the making.  Warning: bring your tissue box.  You will be crying a bit.

In the hands of another author, the events in this book – a loss of a mother to cancer, plus the lost dream of really loving the boy you have wanted most of your life – would be maudlin, depressing, bleak.  But Han creates a book filled with sunshine summer moments, and hope and the promise of the future.

So pick it up, pick up your tissue, and experience this novel.  The characters end up with no regrets, and neither will you!

13 thoughts on “Book Review: It’s not Summer without You by Jenny Han

  1. The two books i read that were by Jenny Han were amazing! The Summer I turned Pretty and It’s Not Summer Without You are my first favorite books now! I enjoyed this book sooo much!! I am wondering if theres a movie about these tow books are there? Im just saying these books are great!

    • Hi Iqra,

      I agree. Jenny’s books are great! Have you read Shug, which is also by her? It’s wonderful too. I’ve got a review of it on my site. Just go to the book reviews tab and you’ll find the link there.

      I don’t know about any movie deals Jenny’s got going, but we can always hope! If you like these, you should try out any book by Sarah Dessen. She’s a phenomenal author too. I adore her novels.

      Happy reading,

      • Oh ok. Nut i think they should make movies cuz these books r amazing! Thank you for replying before. I wish i could meet jenny han. To tell you the truth i love reading. I adore it so much! sometimes i wish the books were real.

    • Hi Iqra,

      Just click on the “About Marie’s Books” tab on the top of this site and it’ll give you info about my novel WHAT I MEANT… and also a link to an excerpt of it. It’s a young adult novel published by Random House.


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