Workshops for Girl Scouts

You might have noticed that I’ve just added a page to this site called FOR GIRL SCOUTS. Well, maybe now you’ve noticed…

Since I’m not only an author, but also a Girl Scout leader, like most leaders I’m always looking for cool things for my scouts to do.  Over the many years I can’t tell you how many zany trips I’ve taken. Like the time we spent a weekend at a dairy farm in Amish country, and the cows kept us up with their all-night mooing. Or that memorable camping trip during a tornado. Not kidding. Or the time we weekended in NYC, and our troop spent all its cookie money on fake purses and fortune telling and shish-kabob at this amazing street fair. Good times!  And this spring I’m taking my troop to London for the most memorable trip ever.

Yeah, scouts gives girls an opportunity to do things they probably never would have done (though camping in a tornado was not on the top of anyone’s list).  Now I’m offering scouts an opportunity to hang out with me to earn their Reading IPP.

My special workshop, called “So What’s the Story?”, has participants earning their Reading IPP in just 2 hours. It’s a cool, fast-paced event perfect for scouts working toward their Gold Award or Silver Award, and for bridging Juniors.  The workshop includes readings, discussions, a service project, and a glimpse into the not-so-glamorous life of an author. Plus each girl gets a copy of my young adult novel WHAT I MEANT…, which I sign for them.

And you know what else is cool? Since I’ve already presented my event to hundreds of girls, and since each scout attending my workshop has donated a used book for charity, this means that hundreds of books have been given to shelters  and hospitals and other needy organizations. Yeah!

So, if you live in NJ, PA, DE, and parts of NY, MD and VA, contact me, and I could be coming to your group! If you’d like more details, just click on the FOR GIRL SCOUTS page.

And, to all you Girl Scouts out there, past and present… I’d love to hear your own zany scout tales.  Come on, tell!  What were some of your craziest Girl Scout trips and experiences?  Grab your sit-upon and a ‘smore and cozy up to the fire, or perhaps your laptop, and share them here with a comment to this post!

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