Book Review: Sleeping Freshman Never Lie, by David Lubar

There are certain times in your life when you know that everything is going to change. You feel disoriented, exhausted, anxious, but also excited. In Sleeping Freshman Never Lie, author David Lubar captures this feeling perfectly.

When Scott enters his freshman year of high school, he knows things are going to be different, but still it’s a shock. He goes from being average sized in middle school to feeling like a dwarf among the high school upperclassmen. His friends go off in different directions. And the girl he was friends with in elementary school has suddenly become hot…and has forgotten him completely. This is a fantastic book with real heart and laugh out loud humor. I loved navigating the halls with Scott, and going along for the ride as he tried to figure out who his friends really were, what truly mattered to him, and if he would EVER get enough sleep ever again.

Readers of My Most Excellent Year will enjoy this book, because Lubar also creates a touching story and reminds us of just how adventurous and magical a life in constant flux truly is.

Don’t miss this one!

8 thoughts on “Book Review: Sleeping Freshman Never Lie, by David Lubar

    • Great question. I think that’s open for interpretation. First of all, the main character is always sleep deprived…so is he telling lies? And second of all, he does tell some important truths. Check it out and see what you think!

      • That would make sense, given the tom swifties in the book, but I can’t figure out how the title is one. Help! What am I missing? Wait! I get it now… (smacks head with hand) Thanks!

      • Yeah at first I questioned it too but then i read about the tom swifties and was like omg why didn’t I think of that! P.S. I already knew about tom swifties before the book!

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