Coldplay Writes Songs for Me

Okay, maybe Coldplay doesn’t exactly write songs for me, but it sure seems like it.  Clocks played in my mind during the final scene of my young adult novel What I Meant…  And even though I had this extensive playlist to listen to while writing my current novel Drawn, Coldplay’s newest album Viva La Vida has usurped almost every slot on that playlist.

The lyrics combined with the sense of drama and plot in each song, along with age-old musical traditions add a sense of history and passion to each song, perfect for a writer creating a novel where the heroine slips in and out of the past, encountering a tortured and beautiful guy that just may be the love of her life…even if he isn’t in her lifetime.

The song Life in Technicolor is the perfect background music for my lead character’s moment of epiphany. Cemeteries of London is reminiscent of a medieval ballad that I imagine my hero singing to my heroine during an early morning scene. The lyrics of 42 explore feelings about death and eternal life and time. And then there’s the title song, Viva La Vida, which paints the rise and fall of a man. Really beautiful stuff.

Coldplay is in concert tonight in my area. Wish I was going! You know how fiction writers think? Well this one fantasizes seeing her book made into a movie and the musical scoring done by you know who. Yeah, we can dream…

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