Confessions of a Serial Kisser, by Wendelin Van Draanen: Book Review

What happens to a perfectly sensible girl when her dad cheats on her mom and they split up, and when this aforementioned sensible girl discovers a stash of romance novels beneath her mother’s bed? Why, she becomes a serial kisser, of course!

A page-turning, laugh-out-loud comedy of errors, Wendelin Van Draanen’s Confessions of a Serial Kisser (Knopf, out May 13th, $15.99, 304 pages, ages 12 & up) is a perfect fit for anyone who enjoyed my novel What I Meant… (Random House, 2007). In Van Draanen’s book, after reading a romance where the heroine enjoys an earth-shattering “crimson kiss”, high school junior Evangeline decides to take control of her out-of-control life by hunting for her own perfect “crimson kiss.” As you can imagine, things get decidedly more out of control as a result. You never know who Evangeline will grab and kiss next, and what the results will be. Plenty of surprises, plenty of laughs, and plenty of complications. This is all held together with a really touching story about dealing with a beloved parent’s betrayal. I believe this is the sequel to her novel, “Flipped,” which I haven’t read.

This novel definitely stands on its own, and I highly recommend it.

7 thoughts on “Confessions of a Serial Kisser, by Wendelin Van Draanen: Book Review

  1. I havent read this book, but i have read ‘flipped’ (its very good by the way, you should read it. The characters are in middle school though.) however, i dont think ‘confessions’ is a sequel. As far as i remember, theres no one named evangeline in it. The main characters are bryce and juli. That said, im still going to look for this book.

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